Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#1 Musings......

This blog has now morphed into  a book "Musings of a Scratchboard Newbie" available through me or on Etsy   Scratchboard Book

Chapter 1: (excerpt)

Less than one year ago, I tried my hand at scratchboard. 

Before that I always worked with acrylics and loved them (still do).  You can see how I progressed with these paintings over the past few years at  I went from ordinary to pretty damn good, lolol (my opinion, of course).....

Why did I switch to scratchboard?

Honestly, I wanted to try something different.  Scratchboard always intrigued me, how did they get from a blank board to almost photographic images?  I wanted to try and see how I could do compared to others.

My first scratch was Mustang Baby (Baby's First Winter, Moonlit, depending on what time of year it is, lol.  Can't ever think of a good title.)  You can see it on my scratchart blog,  It was pretty good, I think, for a first one.  I got the boards online as we do not have them where I live and I also got some inks and the tools.  I found the tools were woefully inadequate with too much gouging, not the finesse I wanted.  But the end result was good.

Over the following weeks and months I have learned so much.  I hope to help others through their trials and tribulations with scratchboard with this blog.  I hope you will follow!


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